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Statement and CV

During the last decade, I have used snapshots as a starting point for my work.  Instead of painting solely from found photos, I have also bought anonymous (unsuspecting) customers' snapshots, made them into paintings, and then returned the photos of my paintings to the original owner.  Many of my shows are titled in reference to this--such as "Second Set Free".  My goal is to force the unsuspecting viewer into re-examining the casual photograph.

Painting can have the aura of the carefully examined handmade object, designed to call attention to the smallest detail of the subject matter. This aura can become threatening when applied to private images not meant for public perusal. I strive to create that shock of invasion, when the viewer becomes acutely aware of the trans-formative elements that turn photo to paint.  The literal details frozen into a snapshot are replaced with formal qualities thrusting composition, surface, material, and color into the public eye.  I never change the composition of the photo or alter its subject matter, but I enhance the abstract qualities of the image in an attempt to make it beautiful.  If successful, the unconscious appreciation of that beauty will surface, while the mind is charged by the dissection of before and after.

In this way, I parallel the role of early proponents of Modernism such as Alfred Barr, who believed it was their job to expose mass audiences to formal paintings and deny their focus on literal subject matter.  While I subscribe to the underlying tenets of the modernists, I look for more covert means to express them-- a subversion from below rather than an imposed enlightenment from above.  I start with the most throwaway of images--the quick and easy photo snapshot--and through the use of visceral materials and time give them a new meaning.

1991 University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA; MFA, Painting Major, Video Minor
1989 University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA; MA
1986 University of California, Santa Cruz; 5th Year Certificate in Painting
1985 University of California, Santa Cruz; BA, Psychology and Art
2006 Seattle Arts Commission, Public Art Purchase Award
2001 “Neddy Fellowship in Painting”, Behnke Foundation.
2000 Jurors Award, “2000 Pacific Northwest Annual”, Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, WA
1995 "Gap Grant", Artist Trust, Seattle, WA
1993 Fellowship, The MacDowell Colony, Peterborough, New Hampshire 
1992 King County Arts Commission Gallery Program, solo show and honorarium
1992Fellowship, The MacDowell Colony, Peterborough, New Hampshire 
1991 Commission, Seattle Artists Program, Seattle Arts Commission, Seattle, WA
1990 Fellowship, Lynch-Peltzer Fellowship, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 
2008 “Abandoned and Thieves”, Howard House, Seattle, WA
2007 “View-point”. L2kontemporary, Los Angeles, CA
2006 “Duplicates”, Andrew Edlin Gallery, NY, NY
2005 “Evicted”, Howard House, Seattle, WA
2004 “Zion”, Howard House, Seattle, WA
2003 “Second Set Free”, Pulliam Deffenbaugh Gallery, Portland, Oregon 
2003“Moon over Maui”, Howard House, Seattle, WA 
2001 Howard House, “24 Exp”, Seattle, WA 
2001Howard House, Seattle, WA 
2001Howard House, Seattle, WA 
2000 Pulliam Deffenbaugh, Portland, OR
1999 Howard House, Seattle, WA
1998 Howard House, Seattle, WA
1998Linda Cannon Gallery, Seattle, WA
1998Pulliam Deffenbaugh, Portland, OR
1997 Linda Cannon Gallery, Seattle, Washington
1996 Linda Cannon Gallery, Seattle, WA
1995 Pulliam Deffenbaugh Gallery, Portland, OR
1995Linda Cannon Gallery, Seattle, WA
1994 Pulliam Deffenbaugh Gallery, Portland, OR
1994Laverne Kraus Gallery, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
1994Workplace Gallery, Portland, OR
1993 King County Arts Commission Gallery, Seattle, WA
1993Cliff Michel Gallery, Seattle, WA
1992 AG 47 Gallery, Seattle, WA
1990 Eve Drewelowe Gallery, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
1984 Charles E. Merrill Gallery, University of California at Santa Cruz
2010 “Close Reading: The Two Character Play”, Triple Candie, New York, NY
2010 “Honoring 15 Years of Neddy Artist Fellows”, Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, WA
2009 “A Concise History of Northwest Art”, Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, WA
2009“Parallel Lines”, Wing Luke Museum, Seattle WA
2007 “8th Northwest Biennial, Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, WA, (catalogue) 
2005 “A Decade of Excellence, Celebrating the Neddy Artist Fellowship”. Tacoma Art Museum,Tacoma, WA, (catalogue)
2004 “Painting at Plane Space”, New York, NY
2003 “YSA”, Howard House, Seattle WA
2003“The Sentimental Favorite: Abstract Painting”, Triple Candie, New York, NY
2003“Building Tradition”, Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma WA (catalogue)
2002 Seattle Collects 2002, City Space—Bank of American Tower, Seattle, WA
2002“Lava 2002”, Noodleworks, Seattle, WA (catalogue compiled by Rhonda Howard)
2001 “Contours, Extended Painting in the Northwest”, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, B.C.
curated by Lisa Baldissera, Matthew Kangas (catalogue)
2001 “Neddy Fellowship Exhibition”, Bank of America Gallery, Seattle WA
2000 “2000 Pacific Northwest Annual”, Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, WA
2000“Drawn From...”, Commencement Art Gallery, Tacoma, WA
1999 Pulliam Deffenbaugh, Portland, OR
1999 “1999 Pacific Northwest Annual”, Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, WA 
1998 “Looking to Nature”, Archer Gallery, Clark College, Vancouver, WA
1997 “The 14th Biennial Invitational Exhibition”, Dinnerware Gallery, Tucson, Arizona
1997 “Art Works for Aids”, Seattle Center Art Pavilion, Seattle, WA
1997 “Asian Pacific Islanders Invitational”, University of Washington at Tacoma 
1996 "Small Works", 80 Washington Square East Galleries, New York University, New York City, NY, juried by Edward Thorp
1996 "1996 Pacific Northwest Annual", Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, WA 
1996 "Repetition Compulsion Exhibition", 8th Floor Gallery, 573 Broadway, New York, NY
1996 "Multi-Ethnic Contemporary Artists", North Seattle Community College, Seattle, WA
1996 "Pratt Auction Preview 1996", Seafirst Gallery, Seattle, WA
1995 "Follie a Deux", Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle WA
1995 "Pratt Instructors Show", Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle WA
1995 "Noted Japanese-American Artists", Auburn City Hall, Auburn, WA 
1995 "Poncho Invitational 1995 Fine Art", Seafirst Gallery, Seattle, WA
1994 "Kirkland Annual Juried Show", Kirkland Art Center, Kirkland, WA
1994 "Inaugural Show", Linda Cannon Gallery, Seattle, WA
1994 "Retrospective Group Show" (catalogue), AG 47 Gallery, Seattle, WA
1994 "Abstract Thinking" (catalogue), Metropolis Gallery, Seattle, WA
1994 "Artists at Workplace", The Workplace Gallery, Portland, OR
1994 "Faculty Show", Laverne Kraus Gallery, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
1993 "A Room of One's Own", Bumbershoot Arts Festival, Seattle, WA
1993 "Pratt Instructors Show", Foster/White Gallery, Kirkland, WA
1993 “Group Show”, Cliff Michel Gallery, Seattle, WA
1993 "The Floating Map" (three person show), Eye Level Gallery, Brighton, England
1992 "XII Northwest International Art Competition", Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, WA
1992 "Seattle Artists 1991 Project", Carnegie Gallery, Seattle, WA
1991 "Fifteenth Annual Rock Island Exhibition", Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois
1991 "The 41st Quad State Juried Exhibition", Quincy Art Center, Quincy, Illinois
1991 "MFA Show", University of Iowa Museum of Art, Iowa City, IA
1991 "1991 Quad Cities Regional Art Showcase", Davenport Museum, Davenport, IA
1991 "What's New in Art", Galesburg Civic Art Center, Galesburg, Illinois
1991 "TEH", Johnson County Arts Center, Iowa City, IA
1990 "Exemplary Contempr'y", Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery, University of California at Santa Cruz, juried by Barbara Haskell, Whitney Museum 
1990 "Fifth Annual Midwest International", Central Missouri State, Warrensburg, Missouri
1989 "Exemplary Contempr'y", Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery, University of California at Santa Cruz, juried by Carolyn Lancher, Museum of Modern Art 
1987 "Home", Goddard-Riverside Community Center, NY, NY, curated by Faith Ringgold
1987 Studio Art School of the Aegean, Ayios Constantinos, Samos Greece
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ArtColl Trust
Microsoft Collection
Safeco Collection
Seattle Arts Commission Portable Works Collection, Seattle, WA
Tacoma Art Museum
Bill and Ruth True
University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

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